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Jose Mourinho the Sexiest Man Alive

Sexy Mourinho and his team hit Manchester

Jose Mourinho is a sexy Portuguese football manager, who is currently the head coach of Real Madrid. This
dashing coach is affectionately known as “The Special One”, his words. He is regarded by some to be
one of the best football coaches of all time. At the end of his football career he decided to go into
management. Jose and his team, Real Madrid, are coming to Manchester next week on Tuesday the 5 th
of March for the highly anticipated match against Manchester United.

Jose is admired by men and women for both his skills as a coach and his sexy good looks. Women find
the Portuguese stallion irresistible, with his sullen and sultry persona driving most women to distraction.

Mourinho is the full package, with his mouth watering masculinity and sexy Portuguese accent, topped
off with his shadow of masculine stubble and immaculate dress sense he is the epitomy of the alpha
male. He is full of poise and grace and it is impossible to take a bad photograph of him. You can see the
Latin fire burning in Jose’s big beautiful brown eyes; this passionate male is in the premier league not
only of football coaches but of sex icons.

Mourinho brings a touch of glamor to the football pitch, with the moody ‘special one’ stalking the
sidelines the game is transformed from a sweaty beer fueled man fest to a sexy soiree. Well, for the
women whose eyes are on the sideline anyway.

The up and coming clash with Manchester United and Real Madrid will most defiantly be a sexy scene
for the female viewers with players like Ronaldo and Van Persie strutting their stuff on the pitch, will
the attention of the female eye be drawn away from the sidelines to ogle the younger talent or will
Mourinho still hold the limelight? Mourinho and his team begin the battle at Old Trafford for the chance
to win the prized Champions League.

Mourinho is playing the dark horse and offering no insight into his thoughts for the game, but we know
that the sexy stallion will be expecting to give old experienced Fergie and his team a fight to the death.
Winning is in both managers nature. Who will prevail as victorious, the young or the old man?

All we can do know it eagerly await the arrival of the mighty super sexy Jose Mourinho and his younger
stallions Manchester, in the hope that the infinitely more experienced Sir Alex Ferguson and his
prodigies inflict a deep wound in the egotistical ‘Special One’.

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