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I work for a highly successful company in Manchester which has been in business with Google for well over ten years. My position within this business is marketing, specifically search engine marketing/search engine optimisation. Marketing of the company has changed drastically over the past five years. Previously the main source of marketing was newspaper advertisements. This was a simple but extremely effective form of marketing. The tools of business marketing have been completely transformed since the company began 14 years ago. It is now a no holes barred fight for page 1 position 1 on Google, the three top position receive from 65%-87% of click through, with 4th position taking 9% and 5th position taking the balance. Effective SEO and marketing on the web is now for the majority of companies the difference between success and failure. 

The general route for a company to take would be to hire the services of reputable SEO/SEM Company and pay them to hopefully help your website achieve page one. However this is not something that any company can guarantee, even if they tell you other wise. Google are constantly changing the algorithms in regard to quality content, key word density and links to your website. One day you can be page 1 number 1, the next day Google have re-crawled your site and their algorithm has now changed and your website can disappear onto page 72 where no potential customers will see it.

Now ensuring you have an effective SEO campaign is an uphill struggle for any business. For the business I work for managing SEO is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest because we are within the adult industry, i.e. an escort agency.

Google is very forth coming with information on the ways in which to have a successful SEO campaign. For a company within the Manchester escorts industry most of the rules don’t apply and it is a struggle to make it work for your escort agency. We previously used an external SEO/SEM company, but after an uneventful frustrating period of paying over 50,000 per annum, their promise of page 1 number 1 never came to fruition. Our company decided to take on the task ourselves, we study all the advice Google offers and are teaching our selves what works and what doesn’t. We create blogs, write articles, create social media campaigns and another 203 ingredients that that make a successful SEO campaign. We have to work by trail and error as we do not have any training in this area and it takes a huge amount of time and money and the risk is we could cease to trade or go mentally insane as Google love to constantly update what counts as quality content throwing you off course. Pandas and Penguins are not our favourite animals at the moment!

Advertising is very difficult within the industry as you are not able to advertise on billboards or various other forms of public advertising. The same applies to the internet, Google classifies websites in one of three ways: Family safe, not family safe and adult. The adult classification seriously affects your validity for ranking for certain phrases, how the Safe Search algorithm treats you and the ability to list on Google Product Search. A major part of SEO is link building, which involves good quality websites linking to your site. Please ask the question – Who wants to link to The answer is very few. It is extremely difficult to get any reputable websites to link to an escort agency. Out of 20 sites we request to link to us we may get 2 to agree if we are lucky. Another tool companies use is paid advertising to get their sites listed on page one, but again adult sites are not allowed to advertise.

One of Google’s catch phrases is content is King, meaning your site should be made up of relevant good quality content for its reader. This is something we strive very hard to achieve, we update our sites regularly and have a blog which we write posts for on a daily basis. Frustratingly this rule is constantly contradicted, as while we spend time ensuring we have quality content to remain on page one. There are competitors who are also on page one who don’t seem to have any grasp of the English language, as the text within their website is incoherent and filled with spelling mistakes because the writer has English as their tenth language! and yet they are still on page one above us!   

The escort industry is huge but it is an anonymous industry; people just don’t want to be linked to it. The men and women who work within the industry keep a low profile. Most people if you told them would not look upon you very highly. Clients who use the services of escorts are predominantly male, many with wives and children. So these gentlemen avoid being linked to an escort agency at all costs. This brings me to another cog in the SEO wheel, social marketing. Google really pushes social marketing, one tool they encourage businesses to make use of is their Google plus badge and button. You can have one placed on your site, which users can click to add you to their Google plus circle for them and others to see. They also encourage you to regularly post images and information on Google plus in order to gain a following. For us in this industry it is another useless tool, as our clients want to remain anonymous.

We are not saying there shouldn’t be restrictions in the adult industry online. We understand there should be restrictions but it feels as though we are stuck in a room with no windows. The adult industry is huge and contributes a huge amount of tax to our economy and we feel we should be given a break in SEO.

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