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Manchester Welcomes its International University Students

It’s the beginning of a new university academic year in Manchester and fresher’s week is in full swing at the three universities within a mile of each other, University of Manchester located on Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, Manchester Metropolitan University located on Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6BH and Salford University located on The Crescent, Salford, Greater Manchester, Lancashire M5 4WT.

Their student loans are firmly in their pockets, the halls of residents are full and this year’s raft of youngsters and aspiring hopefuls are ready to party in Manchester and spend like no tomorrow. Manchester is home to one of the largest student populations in the UK and one of the biggest international student populations, predominantly Chinese. The wealthy international Chinese students are drawn to this Northern city of Manchester with thousands of intellectual students heading here every year to study in this exciting vibrant city. Unfortunately for the international students their partying has to be short lived as they have to head to the banks early in the morning to queue up and open a UK student bank account.

On average it can take more than a month to set up a UK bank account and is absurd considering international students are a great source of income for the UK’s economy and a considerable proportion of the one £1bn, yes one billion pounds is added to the city of Manchester coffers from international students who have chosen to study here in Manchester.

Barclays bank has now stepped up to the mark with pioneering new technology which enables international students to open a UK bank account within minutes. News travels fast and St Ann’s square was filled with hundreds of foreign students queuing up from early morning outside Barclay’s bank, all wanting an appointment to set up a UK bank account.

Many students had started queuing more than three hours prior to the banks opening to ensure they got an appointment. Staff from other branches were brought in to cope with the high demand, but many were still turned away and told to come back the following morning. The lucky ones received an appointment time for later in the day and were able to go back and set up an account there and then. Barclays are currently the only bank providing a same day service with all others lagging behind and taking up to a month before offering international students a UK bank account. It’s ingenious of Barclays bank to initiate this procedure but why are they the only bank who has instigated this? Surely Barclays bank is not alone when it comes to advanced technological which allows a same day service to open a UK bank account?

International students are vital to Manchester’s economy and add so much culture and diversity to this already dynamic city why not then encourage rapid procedures to allow money to flow into the United Kingdoms economy? The longer international students are deprived of a UK bank account the less the wealthy students from overseas will spend in Manchester and the rest of the country.

Barclay’s competitors are guaranteed to see a decline in their quantity of international students opening bank accounts now Barclays bank has launched this super fast service. Undoubtedly in the very near future all banks will detect the loss of business which Barclays bank has now ensured because of their ingenuity and perhaps then such Exclusive Company as international students can be served fittingly. Did the banking institutions not consider the colossal wealth brought in to this country by them and their families who are wealthy, aspiring, and high earners of the future. What took them so long?

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