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Manchester loves Michael Kors Designer Handbags

Manchester loves Michael Kors Designer Handbags

Every brand desires world domination but is there such a thing as too much popularity? Does catering to a mass market take away from the luxury high end reputation that a brand strives for? This could be the case for super designer Michael Kors, established in 1981. The brand has gone from strength to strength, but with a price tag more affordable for the average teenager looking for a new stylish birthday present to wow their peers, has the brand become accessible to the mass market and lost a following of high end and celebrity clientele and the Exclusive Company Manchester escorts?

Michael Kors is a world renowned, award winning designer of luxury accessories and ready to wear clothing, with its timeless and modern feel, purchasing a Michael Kors handbag can become an accessory that will never go out fashion and be a piece you wish to be seen with time and time again. With over 550 stores, including Selfridges Store, 1 Exchange Square Central, Manchester, Central Manchester M3 1BD and 1500 in store boutiques across the world Michael Kors could be quickly becoming more of a high street name rather than the once high end designer label it use to be.

Ad campaigns in Vanity Fair and Vogue give the desire to be on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean, sun drenched skin, a chilled cocktail, fabulously gorgeous Exclusive company your new aptly named Jet Set Selma handbag by your side. Michael Kors offers the imagination a lifestyle that any well travelled follow of fashion would strive to achieve. Will it continue to do so or has it lost its Exclusivity?

Giving testament to the exclusive designer Kors that as a brand they offer much more than fashion and accessories, they offer the desires and dreams of a lifestyle that many aspire to. Harvey Nichols Exclusive store located at 21 New Cathedral St, Manchester, M1 1AD sells on behalf of Michael Kors now, but will they continue to do so in the coming fashion season. Is it too cheap now for their affluent clients shopping at Harvey Nichols?

With a price tag that can see you walking away with a Michael Kors handbag for as little as £150, does this make their expensive advertising spreads in the pages of top fashion magazines seem all the less necessary?

With social media becoming the new way to communicate it seems as though every young girl on the pages of Instagram is hash tagging their new purchases and presents. With nearly 7 million hash tags of the brand Michael Kors it could be deemed that the brand has been hijacked by the masses and used as the “It” school bag and not something the stunning Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Manchester escort agency aspire to. Their favourite is the very pricey Prada handbag which has all the exclusivity the beautiful models desire.

You could argue that Michael Kors is heading for his demise with something surely on the horizon to take over the latest must have spot on the market, time will only tell whether Michael Kors a great designer can hold on to his place as the go to brand for your new handbag.

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