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A Critique by Exclusive Manchester escorts on the book The Hunger Games

Exclusive Company Manchester escorts love to read and here is a snippet of one amazing book which gripped the ladies of Exclusive Company Manchester escort agency.

In the first book in this hugely successful trilogy you are introduced to two sisters; Katniss Everdeen and Primrose Everdeen.

They live in a region which has been simply named “District 12” and is on the country of Panem in a post-apocalyptic dystopian reality in what was once the United States of America. At some point in the distant past there had been a huge war which has wiped out most of human civilisation. America is now largely unoccupied with just 12 districts which supply a central capital city left.

Every year there are games undertaken where two candidates are selected from each region to enter the annual games. This all sounds very innocent until you realise that these are an event that have been crafted by the capital city in order to keep the residents of the districts in a state of complete obedience following an uprising over seventy years before.

Twenty-four children will enter the game arena – which is an artificially created environment designed to be as harsh as possible – yet only one will emerge alive.

Primrose is selected by a lottery to participate in the Hunger Games, but her older sister; Katniss, swiftly volunteers to take her place – Primrose is only twelve and would surely have been one of the first casualties reported when the initial death-toll was announced.

As such, Katniss, alongside a fellow resident – the baker’s son – Peeta Mellark are whisked off to the capital where they treated as celebrities up until the point where they are required to compete.

The eyes of the nation are on the competitors as they try to survive the traps that have been put in place, as they kill each other and until ultimately nearly all of the twenty-four children who originally entered have been killed.

Against the odds, there are friendships and romances that are formed and you will read the story and hold your breath alongside the nation of Panem as you read of the villains and the innocents who have all been thrust together. As you read the gruesome fates that some of the contestants meet and the moments of sympathy and compassion.

The story is well-paced and surprising in parts, tear-jerking in others – one thing is for certain though you will feel for the characters as you follow them through their story – some you will come to hate, some you will come to love and many you will mourn. Whatever you think of them, the story is so well written you will certainly feel something, comments one well read lady in the gallery of Manchester escorts.

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