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Do Men prefer Natural Breasts or Enhanced Breasts?

Breast augmentation is the most popular of all plastic surgeries in the UK and US, even more so than nose jobs and liposuction.

In 1962 the first breast implant surgery using silicone implants was performed, three years later the world’s most iconic ample breasted female arrived –The Doll Barbie. Since then popularity has grown year on year, with girls’ young as 17 choosing breast implants. Fuelled by Hollywood’s leading ladies such as Marilyn Monroe and screen sex symbols such as Pamela Anderson, large breasts have most definitely been seen as best by millions of women across the world which includes the ladies from Exclusive Company and their busty Manchester escorts. With famous airbrushed cleavages and the much sought after side boob being pushed in women’s faces on screen and in glossy magazines, it’s not surprising so many women choose to boost their assets.

The natural breasts verses enhanced breasts debate is one that has been discussed for decades. What do men prefer? And do women make the decision to go large for the benefit of men? For pure vanity? Or for self-confidence? One thing we have learnt is there is no woman who gives the same answer. Manchester escorts who have chosen to enhance their breasts indeed did so for many different reasons. Breast enlargement for many women is in part a response to the pressure put upon them by the images seen in the media and what constitutes the perfect pair of breasts? Secondly is it to lift self-confidence and thirdly could it be to feed the insecurities of the unconfident woman? Other reasons could be many which include breast cancer and aesthetic impairments. Whatever the reason behind breast enlargement we can all agree that a pert full pair of breasts natural or enhanced is a beautiful and sensual sight to men and women alike.

When researching the debate between natural and enhanced breasts there are many that say men prefer natural breasts over enhanced. Tastes in breasts have changed over the last two decades from the porn star Pamela Anderson style of in your face false breasts, to a more natural shape and size. Men and women now prefer the more natural look which doesn’t mean to say that surgically enhanced breasts are not attractive to men: indeed some Manchester escorts have chosen to be as large as a GG. Even at this monumental size silicone implants can look very natural if a professional surgeon is chosen and they have the experience to advise wisely to their perspective female clients. Nowadays it is very difficult to tell if a woman’s breasts are fake or real from a purely visual perspective. Perhaps the only doubt about a ladies breasts being real or not is the near invisible scar being the only tell-tale sign.

A woman’s breasts are one of nature’s greatest aesthetic and natural wonders; whether natural or enhanced are they a part of a females allure for which the opposite sex stands to attention always?

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