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Is social media creating a Manmade girl who is perfect to all?

Shiny effortlessly flowing locks cascade around petite shoulders, long thick eyelashes flutter in a blink, and perfectly plump lips are highlighted by wet gloss lipstick which accentuates straight white perfect teeth from a beautiful youthful smile. Of course none of these matters without a beautiful toned body sculpted to precision with pert full breasts accentuating an hourglass figure barely touched by a golden tan. To finish are flawless feminine fingers and manicured yet nearly natural nails. Not one hair out of place not a wrinkle or imperfection found on a beautiful drop dead gorgeous face and body. A beautiful masterpiece for the world to behold and yet berate.

Is social media creating an unobtainable dream of a girl who is perfect to all? Will this one perfect girl grace the pages of the glossy overpriced magazines? She will never be born. She can only be manmade. A photograph of a top model in the media hype is airbrushed and altered to capture the so called ideology of perfection at a given time. Social media gives the young women of today the complex view that all females should strive to be The perfect picture of beauty is different to all and so should be. It is only the money making corporations who wish the whole world to love just the one perfect woman. Jump on the band wagon such as the mind blowing Kardashians and right there is the money making machine for the men who own these corporations.

Beauty equals big bucks and plastic surgery has become a billion pound industry. Has insecurity been so entrenched in women and girls via platforms such as Instagram and facebook that the sight of themselves will always be the wicked witch in Snow White who nips and tucks endlessly to meet the desires of the world run by wealthy men more than mildly resembling the seven dwarfs?
With social media becoming the root of all evil and the likes of Instagram and Twitter just a click away on anyone’s smart phone, this virtual world lays bare the found insecurities in the female form and the desperate quest for perfection, from a mans point of view.

The over viewed Kardashian-Jenner family, combined, have through media mania amassed billions of followers on all media and especially social media, where they post every beauty must-have and treatments they could not live without. The youngest of the family, Kylie Jenner, with an Instagram following of 48 million, has recently confessed to having her pout enhanced with cosmetic fillers. At the tender age of 18 she will never look as youthful again and with her loyal following of young envious fans, here sparks the beginning of the fans tender naive insecurities. They for sure will search in vain for perfection. It cannot be found if judged not by one but by the whole planet. Beauty is without doubt subjective; otherwise wouldn’t girls choose the same woman to model themselves. One day, not in the too distant future, the perfect woman will be here. She will be manmade and here we entre the vain vampire world of cosmetics, business and profits.

Do female fans really want to resemble their idols? If so, the cosmetic industry will go on to make trillions not just billions from a dream which will undoubtedly turn into a nightmare. And what of the idols themselves? Lost youth being chased, the dread of getting one day older and putting on even an ounce of weight is cruel beyond redemption. And so begins the obsession from a young age into the unobtainable beauty which will never be achieved from plastic surgery. But who cares? The man who takes the money cares and as long as women are kept locked deep in their insecurities of their own beauty this is the only man that will ever care.
Gone are the days of being happy with what God gave naturally. These are the days of unachievable whims to be a look alike of the perfect plastic created female. Are girls doing it for themselves? Or because they crave admiration from others?

To add more devastation to young women’s lives a “Selfie” is uploaded onto social media and awaits the approval of the world and the reassurance from complete strangers hiding behind online profiles to comment on the all the work put into trying to achieve perfection. So there it is a generation of naturally lovely young women being scored literally by the whole wide world on only how they look at that moment in time. If the saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, how can a consensus ever be 100% positive? It’s subjective. One mans idea of beauty is not another man or woman’s idea of beauty.

Every temptation in enhancing insecurities in the female form can be found in any bustling city or town in the western world and beyond. There are more beauty salons, hair dressers, nail saloons, argumentation clinics, semi cosmetic surgeries and now aesthetic clinics crammed into 1 mile square than there ever has been before. Add at least one plastic surgery operation on offer and thrown in for good measure to entice and the profits roll on it. When will saturation point be met? It won’t, as insecurities last a lifetime and with colossal profits for business the marketers will always weigh down their prey with how they look.

It is estimated the average woman in her lifetime will spend around £100,000 on beauty products. This does not take into account that in recent years, plastic surgery has become a billion pound industry, with women and now also men on the hunt for perfection and approval from others which will never be found. Just one criticism and the cycle begins again for the elusive approval from all.

Extreme efforts are sought by the latest must have treatment made famous by super-insecure celebrities pursuing approval worldwide and a bank balance to match Larry Page for endorsing the next product. And this product is The Vampire Facial!!! And yes it is as gruesome as it sounds. Blood is extracted from the willing patient, which then is spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma; this is injected into areas of the face to hopefully banish wrinkles and give that must-have youthful glow. The name was trademarked by Dr Charles Runels in 2010 in the craze of the vampire diaries and twilight, when it was adopted by so called celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. This treatment has soared to new heights and has become the must-have in facial treatment at a cost of £600 a session. It is not for the fainted hearted or the lowly paid, however this treatment is on the up regardless of many who are squeamish or have a meagre bank balance.

Once the fairer sex proceeds with aesthetic treatments it becomes time to add the icing to the cake for the potions which are needed to keep youthfulness close by. Cosmetic and fashion houses are creating their own line of beauty and make-up products, Burberry for instance. Girls begin to contour, highlight, sculpture and paint their faces with the latest make-up which promises to guarantee the perfect finished look, and for a small fortune, will hopefully last from desk top to dance floor. Will this entice the opposite or the same sex to you as a person? Do these beauty products create confidence? Or does this makeup mask hide the best of youth and natural beauty? Do these creams and paints give the female users the ability to be confident to face the world head on? Do they really help women be who they really are? Does the smile always have to be painted?

In recent years the quest for beauty has gone to the ultimate extreme with women having ribs removed to enjoy a smaller waist, breast and even bottom implants to create the perfect hourglass figure. Plastic surgery has even advanced to the more intimate part of the female anatomy with vaginal reconstruction becoming a must have for women to achieve the perfect “Designer Vagina” once again raising the question of who are we trying to impress or keep?

If you are looking for the perfect procedure to nip, tuck or enhance, The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) is the important place to research the registered doctors and surgeons who are listed with them, as with any kind of surgery safety comes to the fore. In 2014 The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reported nearly 50,000 cosmetic surgery procedures had taken place. Breast augmentation (8,609), Blepharoplasty – eyelid ops (6, 903) and Face/Neck lift (6, 075) were the top 3 procedures for women. Men made up 9% of all cosmetic surgery in 2014 and with this apparent demand it appears men also wish to achieve that “must have youthful look” as the opposite sex.

After all is said and done maybe the fairer sex needs to take a step back and NOT look at the bigger picture.

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